Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Picture Dump

Watermelon Boy

Little brother or sister

Someone got into my stamps

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Miles Gets a Promotion

I bet you can guess what a 9 month old baby's promotion could possibly be? BIG BROTHER!

You read that right.

We're expecting our second little one and couldn't be more excited. When the pregnancy test came up positive my heart leapt out of my chest. I was shocked and in disbelief. Thoughts raced through my head about having a newborn and a 16 month old, what will Pat say, and how will we do it? Along with the initial shock was an overwhelming sense of excitement and joy. I was carrying our next baby, a life we created in cooperation with God's plan and love for us and our family. With that I had a realization that although we thought spacing our children a certain amount of years apart would work for our family, God clearly says that spacing them a year and a half is plenty. What a compliment to us that God says we are capable to take on another child. We may not feel completely ready or equipped but if I keep reminding myself of the common saying "God doesn't call the equipped, he equips the called," I know we will be awesome parents and the blessing of a baby will not be overwhelming in the sense of work but more in the sense of joy. It will be wonderful for Miles to have a brother or sister so close in age.

When pat got home from work I explained how I had been feeling the past few weeks and announced that I was pregnant. He was so excited! I couldn't believe it. I was a little scared to tell him because I thought he would be worried about how soon it is, but he wasn't. Pat had the biggest smile on his face and that made me feel so good and comforted to know that this is going to be great.

I told Miles and he doesn't understand (of course), but it's fun to call him big brother. Wow, this time next year we'll have a 5 month old and a 21 month old. Weird. Yet again I've become a broken record saying "my, how things have changed in a year, and will change even more in another."

We went to my first prenatal appointment. Pat held Miles while we all quietly listened to the little one's quick heart beat at 164bpm. Then we got to see him/her in an ultrasound. It was so cute! I'm 12 weeks along and the baby already has arms, hands, legs, and little tiny feet! It's crazy how I'm barely even showing and it's a full human in there. According to my baby book, it's the size of a large plum. How cute!

Needless to say, I haven't posted over the past month and a half because of how tired I felt. Now that Miles crawls everywhere I have to chase after him and that really has worn me out in addition to the fatigue I feel with the pregnancy. The other day, however, it was as if a switch was flipped and I had all my energy back. I felt like myself again, something I hadn't felt in over three months. I'm so happy to be in the second trimester (well, almost) because I feel like a good mom again. I want to play with Miles, I want to make dinner and clean the house, I want to go on walks. It's good to be back.

Now that I feel human again I'll be posting more and putting up pregnancy pictures. Here's to another belly, another baby, and more happiness than we can ever imagine.