Monday, September 2, 2013

7 Slow Takes

Yeah I know, it's supposed to be 7 quick takes but I have so much to catch up on since the last post! Just being honest with myself that this won't be quick.

1. Miles is Mr. Entertainer lately with all the witty things he's been saying.
Patrick changing...
"Daddy is naked baby!"

Me: Miles, what is daddy watching?
Miles: something weird...

Pottying in the toilet...
"I make bubbles!!!!"

Grant acting like a 1 1/2 year old...

Miles: Big cock!
Me: Miles, you need to learn to say your "L"'s, they make a big difference sometimes.

Miles: I have apple pine?
Me: do you mean pineapple?

*Singing* "Bob builder, yes we can! Scoop, dizzy, Rollie. Bob Builder, yes we can!"

2. Our big camping trip this summer was at Lake Pearrygin again. It was great! It was a lot of everything, a lot of fun, a lot of extra-super-duper whiney/clingy Grant, a lot of beach time, a lot of family time, a lot of relax time, a lot of "cat-herding" AKA keeping Miles and Grant wrangled.

We all slept in the tent together for the first time and it went 100% better than expected. Maybe having no expectations adds into that percentage. The boys absolutely loved playing with their cousins, eating every meal outside, being dirty, swimming, and of course candy school. I thought they'd go nuts over the sand at the beach but they were surprisingly not very into it. Grant acted like it was shards of glass and basically didn't want to play in it until the last day, but he'll sit in his tiny sandbox at home that has a half a bucket of sand left in it and play for an hour. Weirdo.

Miles shimmied his way to the tent floor between the side and Grant's bed.

Par for the course, Grant.

Miles in the great outdoor's corner for time out.

3. We went to the Hands On Children's Museum for the first time. I had no idea how awesome it could be. My favorite part was knowing the boys could touch anything the wanted without breaking it and I didn't have to clean up afterwards. We spent 1 1/2 hours and could have spent 4. Grant's favorite thing (which isn't specifically for museums) was the train set. You know, those wood trains with all the wooden tracks. He grabbed a little train and started laugh-barking. He couldn't contain the excitement that it came out in the form of dog noises.

Miles LOOOOOOVED the farm/playhouse/bakery area. He's enjoying playing pretend so this was his game. When it was time to go he was the kid scream-crying as I pried the chicken and egg basket out of his hand, but not before he ran down the hallway with it, tripping and spilling eggs everywhere. 

4. We spent our Labor Day weekend visiting Patrick's family in Everett. It was wonderful to catch up with some of his Canadian relatives who hadn't met Grant yet. David and Rhonda have two new kittens which were super cute and the highlight of the weekend to the boys. Grant would scream-bark at the cats, thinking it was a meow, everytime he saw them. It was cute at first but made us all deaf by the end of the weekend.

5. Miles and Grant get to stay with David and Rhonda for a couple days this week *angels singing* It's really weird being home without them but very nice. Although I already miss them, well, only the cute parts right now, I know I'll be beyond ready for them to come home in a few days. It's not l;ike I'm doing anything fun or exciting unless carpet clean and vent dusting tickles your fancy.
6. September already! I'm ready for fall to commence. I'm pretty sure I say that every year at the end of summer, but I'm really excited for layered clothes, bundled babies with red noses, hot cocoa, and a schedule to our week again as we get back in the swing of Confirmation and a 9 week course of Financial Peace University by yours truely Dave Ramsey.
7. Anyone else out there as captivated by Breaking Bad as Patrick and I are? This season has us slack jawwed after every episode and pining for the next one. We're bummed it's the last season of the show but glad to see such a good show go out on a high note.