Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Summer's End

Why, hello! It seems as though I've dropped off the face of the blog world for the past 3 months. I think it's funny how I post about wanting to blog more often and then take a huge hiatus. I must be jinxing myself...

Since there are people out there (hi mom and maybe one other person!) that like to keep up with the Mendels I thought I might give a broad update since I'll probably disappear for another 3 months, but I guess I'll have a better reason like having a baby.

Starting in May our summer basically went in 3 week incrememnts. We had stuff planned for three weekends/weeks in a row and then three weekends "off" where we got to spend time at home. Although everything we did was fun, by the end of the summer it got to be a bit much. It did, however, make the summer fly by. I really can't believe it's mid-September. I'll throw some pictures at you by way of "summer in pictures" style to save you from all the tiny details.

Our annual River House trip near Chelan. It's always a great time!

Our annual trip to Lake Pearrygin in Winthrop. This year it was cut short due to the forest fires. We planned to stay from Wednesday to Sunday but after watching the fire and smoke only grow and the helicopter refill his bucket in the lake to contain the fire to no avail, the park was shut down on Friday morning. We got in a full day at the lake on Thursday where Grant learned to swim on his own. It was a great day and a half but we really don't have any pictures to show for it but this and a few blurry ones of the kids playing on the beach. We didn't want to cut the vacation short so we went over to my parents' house to finish out the weekend.

Patrick's grandparents, Tom and Carole, came over from Michigan. We hadn't seen them since we got married almost 5 years ago. It was so great to visit with them for a weekend and share some memories with them and the boys whom they had never met.

After our visit with Patrick's granparents we went out to his parents' property in Wenatchee. The boys *loved* it. It's total boy world out there. They especially like the wood chopping and stacking.

Miles adopted a log and used it as an ax.

They helped grandpa build a fire for dinner.

Miles liked driving the remote control cars but Grant was very scared of them because of Miles' rogue car almost ran him over. Grant was convinced the car was a robot trained to get him.
Mitch and Erica came back from Nashville to celebrate the baptism and baby shower for their first baby, Jackson. He's so cute! We were all very excited to meet and cuddle him.

There's about 15 of these beauties and 2 came out somewhat presentable. Aren't they cute!?

Around the House
Our weeks spent at home during the summer included evening trips to the local lake to cool off, refinishing our dining table, and catching up on the previous vacation's laundry.

I have 5 weeks until my due date! *dancing with joy* I'm ready for him to be here for all of the above reasons but mostly so I can meet him and have my full mobility back. I keep wondering what another version of Patrick and I will look like and I have so many more questions waiting to be answered: will he have hair? will it be dark or light or red? will he be 10lbs or more? will he come early or late? (fingers crossed for early).

The pregnancy has been smooth like my other two and it's gone very quick until the past couple weeks. Now that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel time has significantly slowed down. I mean, it could potentially be 7 weeks until he's here if he doesn't want to come and my OB won't induce me until week 42. I don't think that'll happen unless I request it but it sure takes the wind out of my sails when I think how long 7 weeks is. But then again it could only be 3 weeks... who knows?

At this point I feel like he'll be almost right on the due date. Miles was a week early and Grant was induced a week late. My only natural sign that he'll on his way (eventually) is that I'm starting to nest a teensy bit and have stronger Braxton Hicks.

Lately, he moves a lot. He's been laying with his back to the left and kicking my right side pretty hard or running his feet along my ribs. What a weird feeling! He's been in this position for the last 5 weeks, flipped over once for a day and clearly didn't like it because he's since flipped back and continues kicking away at my right side.

Send some prayers up for the baby and I, that everything goes smoothly and we're both healthy before, during, and after the delivery. Thanks!! Here's to a quiet Fall and lots of baby snuggling.