Thursday, June 5, 2014

Boys, Boys, Boys: a June Daybook

Some big news: Our third little one is a boy! That makes three boys and one busy momma.

Feelings about the big news: I had a feeling it would be a boy because I felt exactly the same as I did with my other two pregnancies and as the ultrasound approached I had a stronger and stronger feeling that is was a boy. With that said, I wasn't surprised at all when the technician said boy. Of course, a piece of me wants a girl but apparently it will not be this time around. Patrick was hoping for a girl way more than I was. Ultimately, he's very excited to have a bunch of boys. The more the merrier, right?

Additionally: since I prepared myself that we'd have another boy I feel like I can fully enjoy this little one instead of being disappointed about it's gender. I don't feel bad or sad or anxious to have more children just to get a girl. I'd like to have more kids but not so I can "get my girl." I have never felt like I needed to have a girl but it's even stronger now. I want a girl and pray for her but know that who God gives us is who He intends us to have and raise and love. Especially seeing my brother and sister-in-law with their five blessings, all boys, it helped me to see a piece of how He loves and trusts them to raise those boys and feels they are best, at this point, to raise boys. Reflecting on Patrick and I and the children in which God entrusts us I have realized the same thing I realized about by brother and his family. We're so very blessed and I feel special knowing He trusts us with three boys!

On being pregnant, again: having planned this baby I've been able to enjoy most of the pregnancy. I'm not scared or worried about what's to come when he's born and we have three kids. 20 weeks have flown by! I hope the last 20 does the same. I feel great and love feeling baby move a ton!

Names: We're at a loss. We have some girl names but no boy names. With 8 boys on my side and two more on Patrick's I think all the good names have been taken! Any suggestions are welcome!

Brothers' reaction: Well you all probably saw the video when we told them about the baby. Mile has said ever since that he wants a sister and Grant doesn't understand. I told them they're having a brother and Grant still doesn't get it but Miles is slowly understanding. He gives my belly hugs and kisses and call him brother now.

In other news: we're loving that the weather is acting like summer so we've been outside a lot. The boys have been really into the pool and hose and I've had time to relax and work on my tan while I read.

What I'm reading: I've just finished a few books and technically I'm between books at the moment. Two that I'd highly recommend is 33 Days to Morning Glory and My Sisters the Saints. Both books are amazing and changed my life and gave me a ton of inspiration to read more about saints. I also finished up Divergent. It's very similar to The Hunger Games so I'm trying to decide if I'll read the next book since I feel like I've read this series already. I think I will because I'd like to know what happens but I'm told the third book isn't worth reading. I also have a few books from my mom that I'm anxious to read: Rediscover Catholicism, and another one that I'm forgetting the name of at the moment.

Vacations: I've been invited to go to a three day Lifeteen Leadership Training Convention in Scottsdale, AZ in a couple days. I'm very excited to attend this not only because one of my favorite authors, Scott Hahn, will be a key note speaker and there is a plethora of interesting classes to attend but also because Patrick and I have felt called to be involved in the church possibly in a different way this coming year. We've been confirmation small group leaders for three years and it has blessed our lives in many ways but our enthusiasm and energy is waning. I'm hoping that this will re-inspire me/us and help us to discern our commitment to confirmation again next year or get involved in something new. Prayers on this would be much appreciated!

What Patrick is up to: Shaving! I know, lots of guys do it but he hasn't shaved his goatee since we started dating, about 7 years ago. What do you think?

Just kidding! He had to have a little fun along the way...

I think I'm finally getting used to it.

The boys were a little shy around him at first but warmed up to him eventually. It looks good and he looks a lot younger! Ah to be married to 20 year old Patrick :)