Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I'm so happy that summer is finally here and the weather is (finally) starting to act like summer. Every year I realize how much I love summer. I love the sun, the heat, the sweet smell in the air especially at night (like if we have our window open during the night, it smells sooo good), being able to do anything outside without getting soaked by rain, the long days, waking up to sunshine, getting a tan lines, just to name a few.

Side note: Patrick and I were talking the other night about the reasons why we like certain seasons. I like summer the best and he likes winter. His favorite part of winter is all the Christmas decorations, Christmas treats, and snow. He said he would give up all the beautiful summer weather to have two days of Christmas. I couldn't believe it! All the sunshine for an extra day of snow and cookies? Granted we only get, like, a few weeks of great weather altogether. But still! Well, I guess that's where we balance each other out. We help each other appreciate different seasons.

Anyway, now that it's summer the boys and I have been outside as much as possible. I want to soak up every ounce of sun this summer and be able to look back when it's Fall and not have regrets about not getting out enough. We spend a lot of time in the backyard. Miles plays on his play set and when it's hot enough he plays in the sprinkler. I love helping him create summertime memories, even if he doesn't remember these particular ones since he's still a bit young I'll still have pictures to remind him when he's older.

Here's to the beginning of summer and more memory making days in the sunshine ahead!

Tree hugger

At the park. I have Grant all snuggled up in the carrier sleeping.

Gorgeous Rainbow in our front yard. It was actually a double rainbow.

Sprinkler boy!

Our friends Nikko, Brittany, and their daughter Olivia spent Memorial Day weekend with us. It was so fun watching Olivia and Miles "play" together.

She's so cute!!

Grant soaked up some rays too.

Miles doesn't quite understand how to blow bubbles yet. He practically puts the wand in his mouth.

Trying to give Olivia a kiss and she was not having it!

The bib didn't even help with the mess. The popsicle still got everywhere.