Thursday, February 24, 2011

Through My Eyes

I just can't get enough of Miles! I want to capture every single thing he does throughout the day because it's so cute. He probably gets about a million kisses and hears "I love you so much" and "you're so cute Miles" about a millions times a day too. Here's a little look through my eyes over the past week:

His big smiles gets me everytime!

Watching sports with Dad

Sleeping while I talk to Grandma Di on the phone

Someone found their tongue this week :.P

umm... lazy eye + tongue= frog?

And a cute video: I call this Miles' milk coma

Also, my sister-in-law Cheri told me about a cute website, called While the Baby Sleeps. It's so creative. It makes me want to try this with Miles. Check it out!

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