Sunday, March 27, 2011

Catching Up is Easy to Do

Patrick, Miles, and I spent yesterday visiting 7 friends in Lynwood at Nikko and Brittany's apartment. We hadn't seen these friends for months and it's always fun to hang out with them because we can pick up where we left off. It's as if we haven't gone more than 3 months without spending time together. Catching up with everyone was so refreshing and a wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon and evening.

Nikko and Brittany's apartment is so nice! Brittany is 9 months pregnant and her due date is today. I enjoyed talking to her about her pregnancy and seeing little Olivia's nursery. It was decked out in pink and stocked to the brim with the cutest clothes. I told Miles he gets a sister next :) Our friends Ryan and Sara have a 10 month old daughter and I had a blast swapping baby stories and finding that I'm not the only mom experiencing certain things with her baby. Mackenzie, their daughter, is super cute. She was walking around a little and would make the cutest faces. I can't wait until Miles gets to that stage! Mackenzie wears cloth diapers and Sara made changing her look like the easiest thing ever! I kind of want to try cloth diapers out now... but we'll see.

I've noticed that the whole baby thing and traveling is like testing water for me. I can't just jump in and hope everything works out okay. I have to plan ahead and do a little at a time; "test the waters' so to speak. It's little trips like we did yesterday that help me realize we can all handle it. It's good for me because I can find limits to my energy and Miles' cooperation. Sometimes it isn't easy, like when he cries almost the whole way up to Lynwood because he just wants to jump on my lap and not lay in his car seat, but it's a learning process for everyone. I keep reminding myself that other parents go through this too and I had to realize that if we want to do things we have to test the waters and find our limits, otherwise we'll miss out on a lot of family and friend get-togethers. Now that Miles is getting older and we're more comfortable being out and about with him we will definitely visit friends more often. Going 3 months without seeing certain people is too long!

Here are some pictures from yesterday.

Nikki and Miles

Nikko, Miles, and Patrick

Alyse, Nikki, and Miles

Mackenzie and Miles checking each other out.

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