Monday, May 16, 2011

Visiting Friends

A couple weekends ago Patrick, Miles and I visited our wonderful friends, Miles' godparents, Tuan and Sara. We all had a blast catching up, laughing, and enjoying each others company. Patrick and Tuan golfed while Sara, Miles and I went to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry and the mall.

Sara is about 16 weeks pregnant now and it was fun to talk about all things baby. It is hard for me to remember being 16 weeks pregnant. I kept telling myself 'this time last year...' And now I have this super chunk that laughs at the simplest things. Wow, now I can't help but think 'this time next year...' It's truly astonishing how quickly time goes by especially if I don't stop and really enjoy the moment I'm in. Visiting friends has always helped me do this. Patrick and I both agree that if we ever have to move farther away from our families that we would be okay because it might mean moving closer to Tuan and Sara.  

 They feel like an extension of our family.

Perhaps it is in God's plan for us all to live closer together someday.

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