Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happiness is...

... the sweet smell of summer, especially after the sun goes down and everything settles and starts to cool from the heat of the day. Is there any way to bottle this scent?

... watching Miles scratch at the grass, his new favorite toy.

... discipleship with other mothers.

... reading in bed with Patrick. The togetherness in silence with words running through our heads relaxes me to my core.

... laughing, at anything, everything, and of course a baby that starfishes out in the air while being tossed above daddy's head.

... the feeling of running again. Well, maybe the feeling after running because after 1 year of idleness the feat of running is strenuous and painful. Sore legs never felt so good.

... completing row after row of a knitted blanket. It is so satisfying to see it grow with every turn of the fabric.

Our walk down by the pier. Miles was a lot happier than the picture lets on.

First day of summer. Yes it was.

I watched clouds drift by in the light breeze while Miles jumped and jumped. He loves the grass beneath his feet. The first 15 minutes we were out there he just starred. It was as if he couldn't figure something out. He knew his jumper and he knew the backyard, but not together. But when he figure it out, my how he smiled.

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