Thursday, July 7, 2011

Independence Day at Pearrygin Lake

We spent a long 4th of July weekend at my family's favorite pastime camping park, Pearrygin Lake. I haven't been to Pearrygin since I was 4 and my memory of the time I had spent there almost completely matched how it was when we were there this year. I remember the giant bush with the trail to the rock where we'd climb up to get away from the marmots running in and out of their holes. I remember the yellow buoys outlining the swim area. I remember how green the campgrounds were and how brown the surrounding mountains looked in comparison. And it's all still the same. The only thing that has changed is the size of the trees; which is something my mom mentioned when she went back last year and relayed her melancholy mood about how the trees have grown-- similar to how much us kids have grown. Little did I know, when I was 4, I'd be able to say that '20 years from now, I'll be back with my husband and little boy, adding on to my family's favorite pastime campsite by continuing this tradition with our family.'

Pulled Pork




Zach got really into diving for crawdads and ended up catching about 20. What a good appetizer: fresh handpicked crawdads and butter. I've never had them before and they were good! Apparently they taste similar to lobster.

We celebrated Cheri and dad's birthday with pound cake, strawberries, and whipping cream: the epitome of summer desserts.

As dirty as I felt, (you just can't stay clean when you camp, it's almost a requirement to be dirty and walk around barefoot) I loved going to bed with the smell of campfire in my hair and snuggling up in the sheets to get warm. Oh, and I forgot how good s'mores are! How could I forget that?

The hot sand beneath my feet and seeing it sift between Miles' fingers never felt so good. I was surprised that he only tried to eat it a couple times. He was more mesmerized by how it felt and looked than how it tasted.
I already want to go back.

Dad paddling Isaac out to Zach and Aidan in the distance by the buoys. 

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