Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow Day!

Today was Miles' first snow day. Patrick closed his office due to the 10 inches of snow outside and spent two sessions playing with Miles in the snow. I got his snow suit for free from a mom at my mom's group thinking it was great but figured he wouldn't get to use it this year. After getting Miles all bundled up I couldn't help but laugh and laugh because he looked like the kid from A Christmas Story who can't put his arms down because his mom put too many layers on him for the snow. Miles had a bit of a hard time walking around in all the gear but had a blast in the snow nonetheless.

Getting all geared up!

10 inches!!

Miles is cleaning my car off.

The snow was past his knees. He couldn't even move!

It was so fun to watch him and Patrick play outside. Miles was a little unsure at first but realized how fun it was after doing a couple face plants. I loved his little cold rosy cheeks when he came in. We snuggled under a blanket while Patrick shoveled the driveway with a storage bin incase he has to go to work tomorrow. (He used a storage bin because the basic shovel was too small and the bin seemed to work better. Our neighbors got a kick out of that).

"No dad, I don't need your help..."

Oh, now you need dad's help huh?

Going for a little walk to the park via shoulder transportation.

I look forward to the days when Miles can really play in the snow. Seeing those tiny snow angels and snowmen will just make my day.

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