Monday, July 9, 2012

4 Months

Four months ago I was at the hospital holding our little new born baby. He's not so baby anymore! His 20 pounds of chunk is so lovable, and squishy. I'm trying not to let those new born memories of him slip away by recalling when he couldn't even hold his head up, smile, or stay awake long enough to eat. Those moment were so precious. It seemed like his movements were in slow motion because he was so brand new. But now as I type this he's in the johnny jumper bouncing away. Those are some strong legs! Here's a little recap of what Grant is up to lately:

What makes Grant laugh: being tickled, Miles, and any funny noise.

What makes us laugh: how he startles so easily! He'll be watching Miles and then Miles will move suddenly and Grant will practically jump out of his skin.

New milestones: rolled over a couple times and not by accident! Tried rice cereal and made funny faces the entire time. I waited until 6 months with Miles to try solids and I think waiting contributed to his pickiness with certain textures. He also just started to play with his feet, well, when he can reach them.

Percentile: Completely off the charts in both height and weight. He's 27 inches tall and about 20 pounds! He's got 4 rolls on each leg. I LOVE it!

Things Grant loves doing: talking! He's really started to voice his opinion lately. He loves watching Miles and smiles at him all the time. Oh, and the drool waterfall is starting up. He sure loves to drool when he chews on his hands.

Vacations: His first vacation was to our Aunt Linda and Uncle Don's river house near Chelan. He went in the pool for the first time! Another big trip was camping with my brother Zach and sister-in-law Cheri with their 4 boys and my parents. He was a good camping baby despite a few rough nights. (I'll post about this vacation later).

Sleep: Grant is still a great sleeper. He sleeps from around 8:30 to 6:30 getting up only once between 2 and 5am to eat. His naps are either quick little cap naps (45 minutes) or 2 to 3 1/2 hours! Some days are better than others but I'll take whatever I can get since Miles used to nap 45 minutes for every single nap for 10 months.

Who he's starting to look like: Your guess is as good as mine. It's still hard to tell. Sometimes I see a little of my brothers in him and sometimes he's a dead ringer of Miles (only when he's sleeping in his car seat). But I just can't get enough of those dimples when he smiles. Who are those from?

That pretty much sums up Grant's life over the past month. I love seeing more of his personality come out everyday. I can tell in some ways he's similar to Miles but at the same time he's totally his own person. What I'm even more excited for is when he's old enough to play with Miles. It's not too far off, I mean all he really needs to do is sit up on his own and he'll be able to play.

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