Friday, December 28, 2012


What a wonderful week we had with our families during Christmas! Before our trip north we opened gifts and enjoyed a little family time. Here's a little week in pictures post.

Miles got a tool belt with tools, suspenders, gloves, goggles, and a hat. This is probably one of my favorite pictures of him.

Grant is trying to open his book. He enjoyed the toy he got but I think Miles likes it more than Grant!

We decorated gingerbread houses.

Miles was supposed to help me but ended up eating the candy instead. Go figure.

It had been a while since we'd been out to grandma and grandpa's house and since we had time we were able to go out and spend a couple hours with them.

Once the boys remembered how much they love grandma and grandpa they had fun playing with toys, checking out the house and walking Chico.

The old barn saw it last days earlier in the year and Uncle Dale (I think) had this replica of the barn bird house made out of the barn wood. I love it!

We also went ice skating. What a fun time!!

We spent about an hour and a half there and by the end Issac and Aidan were pretty much skating on their own!

Miles got to go around about twice and then had fun watching everyone. Hopefully he'll be a little better next year.

Christmas Eve morning.

Nutcracker baby!

Other Nutcracker baby!

The boys awaiting their gifts from Santa.

Matching Jammies!!


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