Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! What a Christmas it has been. What a December it has been! Patrick and I were just talking about how quickly December went by. I think we packed in all that we could starting with Thanksgiving.

We spent a nice long weekend with our good friends and Miles' godparents in Vancouver. The boys and I had many walks outside bundled up in the cold and hot cocoa to warm up with after the walk. As a family we went on an evening walk to look at Christmas lights in our neighorhood, and another night we went for a drive to look at more. Patrick took the week off during Christmas so we could spend extra time with our families and that is where I'll pick up from here with loads of pictures.

We started out our week going to Bellevue Square with Patrick's mom, brother and his girlfriend, sister and her boy friend, and nephew. We got Santa pictures, went ice skating, ate dinner at Red Robin, and watched the Snow Flake Lane parade complete with drummers and fake snow. This was our second year going to it and I look forward to making it a tradition and especially when the boys can actually skate instead of dead-leg it all over the ice.

Helping Austin skate.

That night we went up to my parents' house and spent the next three-ish days there. We went bowling after mass on Sunday for Owen's 4th birthday and ate sandwiches and supcakes after.

Uncle Zach teaching Miles how to bowl.

Cutest shoes ever.

Grandma Di with the youngest granson, Eli (3mo).

Monday was spent visiting my Grandma and Grandpa John out in Deming. It was special because we rarely see them outside of family functions so we were able to spend quality time together. Miles even went on a tractor ride with Grandpa. Grant was too afraid.


Monday night Mitch and Erica (and almost 5 month old baby in Erica's belly) arrived from Nashville. What a great Christmas gift to see them and a baby bump. We celebrated them being back for Christmas with drinks and Jenga. I forgot how fun that game is!

From left, Owen, Isaac, Eli, Liam, Aidan, Grant, Miles picking his nose and Coco photo-bombing.

Nono and Eli dressed for Christmas Mass.

Santa arrived early on Christmas Eve morning per Grandma Di's special request. Uncle Mitch donned the Santa costume and came bumbling in complete with a very low hanging stomach and Southern Accent.

The kids, and adults for that matter, tore through paper and bows to some wonderful and thoughtful gifts.

The day was spent talking, playing, and eating. Later, we attended the Children's Mass at Sacred Heart. Although the boys were being difficult since mass was during their normal dinner hour, it was fun to see the Nativity play and hear Fr. Joe's message spoken so the children could understand.

On Christmas morning Patrick and I packed everything up said our "see ya laters" and headed south to his parent's new home. It is techincally still in Everett but only a couple miles (if that) from Mukilteo and practically on the water. What a view they get to wake up to every morning!

Picture was taken on my ipod so it's not doing justice for the view.

We opened gifts with his entire family in the afternoon and ate dinner together that night. It was a relaxing day and so nice to spend time visiting.

The next day we hung out with Jason, Patrick's brother, and his nephew Austin (6yrs). We walked to the nearby park by the water and let the kids run off some energy. We were tired from all the fun so the afternoon and evening were spent playing monopoly and relaxing.

On Friday, Rhonda offered to watch the boys while we got out for lunch. I insisted we go to P.F. Chang's since Patrick hadn't ever been there. It was delicious as usual. We got some Cold Stone and walked around the mall for a little bit before heading back.

Some relatives from Canada came down for dinner that night. I just love his relatives. They're so fun, friendly, thoughtful, and we share the same values and faith so I feel like I can really connect with them. It was even more special because Patrick's cousins came all the way down from Barrhead, a 13 hr drive with their kiddos Jordan and Isla who we hadn't seen since our wedding 4 yrs ago. You might remember Isla as the flower girl from our wedding. Well, she's in second grade now! They're so well behaved and such sweet kids.

Chris, Megan, Jordan, Isla, David, Rhonda, and us.

Saturday was our day to head home. I can always tell how much fun I had by how happy I am to be home. Usually, if I go out for a bit or a short weekend I don't mind whether I'm home or not, but if I'm gone for a while being busy and having loads of fun I am super ready to be home to unwind from it all. That's how I felt on Saturday. I felt fulfilled by all the family we spent time with and everything we did together.

What a Christmas it was!

And Happy New Year!! Blessings and prayers to you all in 2014.

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