Sunday, May 29, 2011

6 months

It is as if the day Miles turned 6 months he changed. He became and even better baby. He can nap better, sit up better, move around on the floor better, stands better (with a little help), hand eye coordination grew 10 fold, laughs more, and even cut a tooth last night! People say that at 6 months, babies seem to change and cross those milestones that parents have had an extreme eagerness for them to cross (especially the sleep one).

Miles is such a joyful baby. He practically jumps out of his Baby Einstein Jumper while clasping his hands together and letting a squeal out of his smile that is grinning from ear to ear upon hearing his name or a funny new sound. By the way, it's amazing what you can get him to laugh at. Just make up a new sound and you'll have him laughing for 10 minutes.

Miles is doing this rolling-back-and-forth move to get to his toys so I can tell he is starting to make the connection that things are at certain distances and he needs to move around to get to them. I'm impatiently awaiting those first coordinated moves between his hands and knees when he crawls for the first time. It could be soon. It could happen over night like his tooth did!

Check out how big Miles is now!

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