Saturday, May 28, 2011

Listening to My Instinct

I knew I should have listened to myself. It happened twice today (actually more than that, but these ones are significant enough to report) and I don't want to find out if it'll happen a third. I enjoyed a lemon drop last night in a martini glass that we got as a wedding gift, cleaned it, set it on the counter to dry and planned to put it away in the morning. Well, today goes by and I hadn't put the glass away but nevertheless kept telling myself I should or it'll get knocked over and broken. 

We were busy grocery shopping and doing yard work and enjoying the beautiful sunshine that putting glasses away found a home on the back burner. Now, it's not one of those stout martini glasses that can be knocked around a bit. No no. These are almost as tall as a fifth of Tanquarey Dry Gin (the one with the cool green bottle) and oh-so-delicate. I'm even afraid to use a sponge to clean them so I use my hand instead. So, we get home from grocery shopping, Pat goes outside to test out his squeaky new weed-whacker/ edger, and I go to town on Julie and Julia inspired Bruschetta. Miles gets antsy so I pick him up and try to finish putting the olive oil on the tomatoes. As I set the oil down, too close to the martini glass, my hand pulls away knocking the glass off the counter in a full tumble to the floor. With a shattered crash broken glass literally flies into the air above the countertop in an I-told-you-so way that makes me cringe when I replay it in my head. Yeah, it's just a glass but I should have listened to myself and put it away this morning. Now if we have a couple of friends over I can only serve three people with martini glasses and one has to use a regular glass. Boo hoo.

R.I.P Martini Glass

And then it got worse. We've needed our knives sharpened for some time and so I took it upon myself to watch some how-to videos online about how to properly sharpen a knife. Yeah, you can guess where this one's going. After carefully sharpening the knife I HAD to test it out on a slice of lime that was already thin enough. The knife barely breaks the skin of the lime so I work a little harder to finish the cut. Oh, I finished the cut alright, right into my finger! I actually didn't even finish slicing the lime, the knife is still sitting halfway through it. I'm too annoyed to clean it up. And my finger still hurts. I should have listened to my intuition about all of the above: sharpening a knife when I'm tired, testing it out on a thin slice of lime (that citrus stings!), and not stopping when it could hardly pierce the skin of the lime, obviously the knife was still too dull.

Things like this have happened all day. Next time I'll listen to that voice because it's so not worth a broken glass and a cut finger. I think I should go to bed now and not find out if there will be another lesson to be learned. Hmm, maybe that is one in itself. Okay, off to bed I go. Night!

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