Friday, October 14, 2011

October Already?

October is halfway over already and so is my pregnancy. I thought this time around it would feel like time was crawling by but it seems to have taken a liking to Miles' speed of crawling; I can hardly catch it! Miles is almost 11 months old and has started taking a few steps. He gets a wild hair every now and again and works really hard to walk, and then gives up and goes back to crawling. It is much faster at this point that taking wobbly steps. I think he knows something is different with his momma because all of the sudden he's become super clingy. I'm not sure if it's a sixth sense sort of thing or that he is going through that detachment phase that babies go through. Ugh, it could be both. Either way, he's super cute and learning something new everyday.

Patrick, Miles and I got to see baby number two yesterday. It was so awesome and a little weird to think that it wasn't Miles in there. He was moving a lot and we even got to see him yawn and smack his lips (could have been drinking the amniotic fluid). I knew all along it was a boy. I felt exactly how I did with Miles. Nothing feels different between the two pregnancies. He's a healthy 11oz and had a heart rate of 134bpm. Pat and I are really looking forward to getting bunkbeds for them eventually, and I'm sure they will be too when the time comes.

Here's a little update of Miles on the changing table. It's more like 10 1/2 months instead to 10. And a few pictures of baby #2 along with a video. I've posted some other videos on youtube as well.

16 wks

20 wks

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