Thursday, October 27, 2011

So Silly!

In my pre-nesting stages I feel the need to either clean everything in the entire house, clean or organize way before I really need to, or clean or organize things that don't really need to be cleaned or organized. For instance, over the past few months I've reorganized my pantry several times. Mainly because it's become harder and more taxing on my back to bend over for tupperware three times a day, so I moved everything up a shelf.

Last week I decided I needed to wash the Boppy Pillow covers and store it away so it's ready for baby number 2. I was sitting on the floor putting the clean covers back on when Miles decided to attack the pillow like a cat to catnip. It was hilarious! I couldn't tell if he remembered the pillow from millions of nursing sessions and it brought back fond memories or it was just a new fun thing to wrestle with. Who knows, but when dad got home they sure had a blast together.

1 comment:

  1. Aidan asked, "Uh, why is Uncle Pat pretending to be a baby?"
    Isaac answered, " Maybe he's going to be a baby for halloween. That's why he is echoing ( he meant copying)Miles."