Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Miles had so much fun dressing up for Halloween! We went to our weekly mom's group at St. Michaels and had a Halloween party this time where all the little one's dressed up. It was fun to see all the other kids in their costumes. After the party we went over to Patrick's office to show off Miles' costume and show dad how cute he looked. Everyone got a kick out of him. I kind of felt bad for Miles because the costume looked like it could be pretty warm, and sure enough when I took the hood part off his head he was a little sweaty. Poor guy! But he still enjoyed it. Next year we'll actually go out trick or treating, that way he'll actually know what's going on and be able to have a couple pieces of candy.

Hand-me-down shirt from Aunt Cheri and cousins

Little Horse

I couldn't stop laughing when he had this on and especially when he crawled around because he really looked like a horse walking around.

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