Friday, March 23, 2012

The Sound of Settling

We're settling in. And the sound it makes is that of cute baby noises, a baby crying only when getting a diaper changed or when he's hungry, which happens to be about every 3 hours during the day and 4 to 5 hours during the night, Miles laughing when he's getting attention or whining when he's not, and whatever the sound that rubbing eyes and yawning makes (due to Patrick and I getting used to waking up during the night).

I feel like time is going a lot faster during these first two weeks of having a newborn than it did with Miles. Maybe it's because every little thing was so new to us with Miles and now it's like second nature. What, a little fussy in the evening? Oh, that's just Grant's fussy time of day, no worries. Holds his breath when he's really upset? No big deal, just blow in his face, the purpleness will fade back to rosy pink cheeks. Projectile poop all over me in the middle of the night? Ah, that's nothing, I have back up clothes for the both of us an arms reach away.

Things just aren't as scary as they were the first time around. Well, except for Grant's circumcision he got today. I still feel bad about that and worried that he'll remember the pain forever, but know he actually won't. Oh, and his collarbone! I think I forgot to mention that in my last post. Grant's shoulder got caught on my pubic bone when he was coming out and to help him get out the nurse jumped on the bed and practically gave my pubic bone chest compressions to pop his shoulder out (SO glad I had an epidural). This is actually pretty common and in cases like this the baby's collarbone can break. It's not a big deal unless there is nerve damage. By God's grace Grant avoided that. His collarbone is healing but I just have to be a bit careful when handling him.

Miles loves his little brother. He's always giving him kisses and poking him in the face. He really likes to stick his finger in Grant's mouth. When I'm nursing Grant, Miles will either play nicely on his own or get into everything he's not supposed to. It's as if he sees me sit down with Grant and says to himself "perfect, mom will have her hands too full to chase me around for the next 20 minutes, what can I get into that she lever lets me get into?" It's kind of funny looking back at it but really annoying at the time. Grant will probably grow up thinking his name is "Miles no!"

I'm so thankful for Patrick and how his dad instincts kick in. He's been such a big help with Miles. He'll get up with him in the morning so I can sleep a bit longer and nurse Grant if I need to. Then he works all day. Then he comes home and plays with Miles, changes him into some jammies, and puts him to bed. That's just the nutshell version of what Patrick has been doing. He cares so much about his boys and me. My favorite part of the day is when Patrick is sitting on the couch with one boy in each arm. He's so proud of them. I thank God everyday for how helpful, hardworking, and loving Patrick is. I couldn't ask for a more caring husband.

I'm also thankful for the time my mom was able to spend with us the first week we brought Grant home. Patrick and I appreciate everything she did for us, from helping with Miles and Grant, cleaning the house, cooking, driving around, the endless vat of knowledge only a mother can provide, and the gift of just being present. Miles just loved spending time with Grandma Di and Coco. He was laughing 24/7. He ate better than he's ever eaten before and I think only a grandma can accomplish something like that. Kids will try anything for a grandma. I think I even tried a spoonful of buttermilk with pepper and an onion sandwich (which was actually good) for Grandma Celine. I couldn't thank my mom and God enough for her being here to help. What a wonderful gift.

  I actually captured a smile!

The days just fly by and we've grown accustomed to these new but familiar sounds of settling. Soon they'll change to more laughter as Grant learns to smile and giggle. Hopefully the yawns will become less frequent. And definitely the love will continue to grow and grow as we get to know our boys more and more.

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  1. I think Celina's contributions, enthusiasm for caring for the kids, and general positive attitude are greatly understated in the article too! I am amazed (for the second time) how Celina can bring life into this world and immediately jump into mom-mode. She is truly a wonderful woman with an unending supply of patience and love. I'm blessed with such a wonderful partner.