Thursday, April 26, 2012

An Easter Baptism

What not a better way to celebrate Easter than to be baptized on the day our Lord has risen? Grant received the Holy Spirit this Easter and it was such an amazing way to experience Jesus in the Holy Trinity. I'm not sure about Patrick but I teared up a bit (maybe more on the inside because I didn't want pictures of me crying) by the beauty of the ceremony and sacrament.

For the next week, even after a bath, Grant smelled like the baptismal oil that was rubbed on his head. I think his hair held on to that scent because I don't remember Miles smelling that good for that long and it's probably because he didn't have hair!

It was wonderful to celebrate Easter and Grant's baptism with our family. Pat's relatives came down from Canada and his Grandma Maureen came out from the midwest! It was a hectic day trying to visit with everyone who came but so worth every moment. My parents were fantastic hosts. They put together a delicious meal with the help of others' dishes, and organized a really fun Easter Egg hunt.

It was fun to watch Miles in the Easter Egg hunt! He actually knew what to do. He even found an egg in a bush on his own! I think my favorite part was Miles walking around with a basket as big as him. It looked a bit difficult to carry it around but he didn't mind and continues to play with it here at home.

It was a great weekend and I always enjoy reminiscing about those fun memories.

I'll be posting some Baptism pictures soon.

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