Friday, April 27, 2012

Highs and Lows

I go to a mom's group at St. Michaels, our home parish, every Tuesday and we always start off with a prayer and then go around the circle and tell our highs and lows of the past week. It's a great way to give a quick picture of our previous week and provides an opportunity to talk about our struggles and offer/receive advice. So here are some of my highs and lows lately:

High: We transitioned Miles into his new crib in the other guest room and he did great! I was a little concerned that he might not sleep as well at first because it's a different bed and room but he didn't seem to mind at all!

High: The next week I put Grant in Miles old crib, in the nursery and hoped for the best. And he did great too! He had been sleeping a five hour chunk in the bassinet so I thought 'why not try it out in the crib'? The first two nights he slept his usual 5 hour chunk. I was so happy! What an easy transition! And we all sleep better since we're not listening to each other snore.

High: The past few nights Grant has slept a 7 hour chunk! And then another 2 1/2 to 3 hour chunk after that! So that means I only have to get up once to feed him. I am so thankful to God for how good of a sleeper Grant is and how easy he is! This is sure making up for the last month of sleepless nights during the pregnancy.

Low: All this great sleep may not last. I'm trying to not to get my hopes up about it and trying to be grateful and thankful instead.

High: Patrick finished his shed! He's so funny, whenever it was nice out over the past few weekends he'd be out there tiddling around doing this and that with his shed. I'd send Miles out there to play by him and "help" (aka get in the way and lean into the wet paint). They'd both come in after a couple hours all sweaty with dirt in their hair, grass stains, and paint marks on their clothing. I can't wait to see Grant out there too!

Low: I'm still getting used to the fact that the house will never be neat and tidy, like, ever again. I've come to realize that I'm a pretty organized person or at least I really like things in order. Tidiness just doesn't fit into the vocabulary of a 1 1/2 year old. This is the perfect age to start teaching Miles how to clean up his toys, even if he only manages to get one toy into the toy box, at least he'll be learning. I guess my biggest concern lately, something that I've forced myself to succumb to, is to just leave the toys and create a trail through them so I'm not constantly stepping over things, because if I spend time cleaning them up they'll be messed all over the floor again in about 3 minutes.

Low: Grant has a clogged tear duct. It gets super crusty overnight and stays pretty goopy throughout the day. It doesn't seem to bother him unless I try to clean it too often. What's funny, though, is when he wakes up from a nap and his one eye will be crusted shut and the other will be wide open making him look like a pirate.

High: Miles is showing so much affection for Grant lately. He'll gently lay his head on Grants, try to hold his little balled up fists, kiss him (leaving giant drool marks), and try to hold him (I usually help with this and then he sits there smuggly with Grant on his lap). Just when you think it couldn't get any cuter, it doesn't. Miles will high-five Grant in the face ending the cuteness in crying.

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  1. Oh Celina, I can relate with this post so much :). I had no idea how much I too like order until having children. Every muscle in my body tenses up when the kids wipe out the house and I have had to pray for patience and acceptance of a messy home. At least at night I can quickly pick things up and then sit down with a glass of wine and enjoy the clean home until the next morning :). Your boys are so cute. Good job mama!