Friday, September 28, 2012

You Know You're a Mom When...

You know you're a mom when:

... you see a guy in a low-cut V-neck tee shirt and think 'that'd be a great shirt to nurse in.'

... you are so relieved and glad when the kiddos are finally in bed for the night and have some time to sit down only to find yourself watching a few videos of them from earlier in the day.

... your heart is warmed by the little footprints you see in the carpet.

... you find yourself saying things like 'no, don't put the cheese on the TV' and 'get back or you'll get brother's poop all over your face!'

... when the most silence you get during your day is because the kids fell asleep in the car.

... fingerprints on the windows make you smile but then you immediately clean them off because it's sooooper annoying to have fingerprints on the windows.

.... there's nothing more satisfying than when your toddler FINALLY lays still during a diaper change, and willingly lays down for one too.

... you see homes on HGTV and can totally tell they don't have kids by all the white furniture and vases sitting on the coffee tables.

... You wonder why all grocery carts aren't made with two child seats like the ones at Costco. (basically Costco is awesome in all ways).

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