Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

This weekend our little family went to Schilter Farm. It was SO much fun! We are planning on going to the farm with my cousin Ashley and her husband Alex later this month but when we woke up to clear skies only one thought entered our minds: we'd better take advantage incase the weather isn't nice the weekend we go with Ashley and Alex. So, out we went, taking the scenic route.

We've heard the farm can be crowded during this time of year and there seemed to be quite a few people there this time but the farm is so spread out that it doesn't feel cramped. We took our time walking around and doing the different activities. They have a children's hay maze, petting zoo, pumpkin and corn cannons, corn maze, hay ride, pony ride, hay jump, two hay forts, little peddle tractors for kids, the huge pumpkin patch, produce, grilled corn dipped in melted butter, and some more food that we didn't get a chance to check out (maybe next year we'll have lunch there). We didn't do everything. That would have taken all day! This goes without saying that we'll definitely make this a tradition.

Miles is sitting on top of the hay bale is the hay maze. He was a little weary because he couldn't see out. It's a cool maze though because it's about 3 bales high so kids can't see out but parents can see in. It's in their beautiful bar where they hold weddings.

This is all white-washed and absolutely stunning. Many couples get pictures taken here when they're getting married in the barn.

They have an awesome petting zoo area with baby pigs, ducks, kitten, goats, sheep, alpacas, and ponies. I wanted to tuck this little kitten in my pocket and sneak it home!

The ducklings were really cute!

Let's see how much he grows over the next year.

Patrick and I decided to have Miles go on the Pony ride. Our expectations were that of a scared and squirmy Miles where he either wouldn't go on the pony or wouldn't be able to stay on. Well, he completely blew those expectations out of the water! He LOVED it! He held on really well, sat still, and halfway through was waving to onlookers and laughing the entire time. It was so funny. I'll post the video later.

This was the best picture we could get where both boys were sitting somewhat still. The camera moved so that's why we're not centered but you know what? I don't care, because it captures the moment and how our family is in real life. It's not perfect, there are struggles to get something simple accomplished but in the end it's ok, everyone safe, everyone is lookin' good, and we're together having fun.

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