Saturday, April 6, 2013

Early Spring Daybook

Outside my window... Rain, go figure. Last week was gorgeous and felt like June so I'm a little annoyed with the rain because I was getting used to wearing sandals and sunglasses.

I am thankful for... Grant's molars as weird as that sounds. He's been teething for the past month and the last three days have been painful for all of us, but mainly him because his gums are bleeding. This morning he's happily playing in the Little Tikes car and I'm happily typing away, something I couldn't have done yesterday seeing as Grant was literally attached to my hip screaming.

I am thinking about... Natural Family Planning. I keep coming across articles and other media that frustrates me and always leads me back to NFP and how happy I am that we practice it. No worrying about birth control side effects, I know more about my body and how/why it works the way it does, heightened communication between Patrick and I, and an openness to God's plan. Why would anyone want to use anything else!?

From the kitchen... QUINOA! I know, I'm totally late jumping on the bandwagon but seriously, QUINOA! I was hesitant to incorporate it into our meals for a few reasons. I wasn't interested it just using it to replace rice. I don't know why. It just didn't sound good. It wasn't until my friend Kimmy brought Cheese and Vegetable Quinoa Bites over as an appetizer that I realized how quinoa can be used! I've made many things with it now including that recipe in a casserole dish. SO good, so healthy, and Patrick likes it too! Win-win-win.

Extra time is spent... cleaning, tidying, and relaxing. The usual. Oh, and weeding since the weather was since last week. It's also spent acting like a fly on the wall and quietly watching the boys play. I love seeing them in their own world experimenting with new things or interacting with one another. I love how their developing their brother relationship.

I'm loving... how much older Grant acts now that he's one. He's such a little man with vivid personality. I also love how much he loves toy cars. He'll sit for 15 minutes slowly driving a car in circles on the table memorizing every detail of the car. I'm really loving how much Miles talks! It's so fun to have conversations with him and teach him different things that he can finally understand.

Around the house... still getting those pictures up on our walls. I'm going to tackle the guest bedroom with some paint, window coverings, and bedding next. Pinterest, beware. I've been a pinning machine for guest bedroom ideas/colors. Any suggestions? I need to narrow my choices!

5 Minutes from now... Grant will be screaming for Orajel and attention, Miles will still be sleeping (he's been sleeping well past 8 and even until 9 most mornings!!)

5 hours from now... We'll be celebrating our friend's daughter's 2nd birthday! My how time flies! Happy birthday Olivia!

5 days from now... Just another weekday. Maybe it'll be sunny and we'll get to use Grant's new sandbox!? But probably having a play date with some friends.

5 years from now... wow, I can't even imagine. We'll probably have another little one by then, family of 5! Hopefully the house will be fully decorate by then ;)

And now a truck load of pictures!! Bonus: Easter Pics!! (stay tuned for Grant's birthday pictures. I just realized that I never posted any).

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