Saturday, April 6, 2013

Grant's 1st Birthday

Grant is one! His personality is really coming out lately. He laughs a lot, loves toy cars, climbs the stairs like a champ, sleeps super well (7-6:15), likes to play with Miles and take toys from him too. Miles is starting to enjoy playing with Grant. He'll walk over to Grant and hand him a car saying "here Grant". Grant proceeds to do what Miles does to him, rip the toy out of his hand.

Miles is patiently waiting for his cake.

Mustache cake for our little man. 

He LOVED the cake, of course.

We had everyone sign his book and will continue to sign it every year or at least on his bigger birthdays.

Grant is such a ham!

Happy Birthday little man. We're so excited to see how you grow this year. We love you so much!

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