Friday, May 3, 2013

7 Quick Takes

1. SUN!!! This week's weather outlook gets warmer every day ending with the low 80's on Sunday. So excited for this warm sun and hopefully get a little color, other than red, going on my skin. Also, sidewalk Chalk! I totally forgot about sidewalk chalk.

Miles and I were pushing this car back and forth and he kept calling it Hockey.

Miles loves to belly flop. Why? Biggest splash of course!

2. I started Basil from seeds a couple weeks ago and they sprouted. I was skeptical that anything would happen and I guess we'll see how green my thumb is when I go to transplant them outside. I love basil and hopefully I can stop spending our mortgage on a couple leaves at the grocery store.

3. Miles was doing something stinkerish and I told him to stop. He turned around and looked in the direction of the crucifix and said "Hi, Jesus!" Wow, what a great way to change the subject when you're getting in trouble!

4. Grant has started saying Momma and Dadda. It's super cute to hear his voice using real words instead of animal grunts.

5. I've been really into reading "mom blogs" lately not only because they're usually hilarious or have good household/child rearing ideas but because it's very affirming. It's wonderful to see all the hard work, craziness, joy, and fun that goes into raising kids put into words in a clever blog post. It's so relatable and makes me feel good knowing that it's totally normal that Miles does "machine gun whining" or Grant makes grunting noises that "grates against God's ears." (thanks for coining those phrases Camp Patton!)

6. Grant is becoming more of a Daddy's boy and I love it!! He won't hold my hand, only Dad's.

7. Now that it's been sunny and warm for more than a day I've had Lake Pearrygin on my mind. I'm SO excited to go this year! It's hard not to get too excited since it's still 2 1/2 months away but I can't help but think how much easier it'll be this year now that the boys are older. I won't have to nurse Grant every 2 seconds and put him down for three naps. Miles listens so much better and will have a blast. I. Can't. Wait.

Little Gem of a Bonus: One of my favorite faces Grant makes, his Pooping Face.

<-- POOP

Ah, much better -->

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