Wednesday, May 22, 2013

From the Mouth of Miles

Miles feeling my leg's 5 o'clock shadow:
Miles: What's this?
Me: Prickles. Can you say prickles?
Miles: Pickles. Sharp!

Miles is obsessed with the mailman:
Miles: Maymail!
Me: Mail Man.
Miles: Maymail!
Me: Say mail...
Miles: Mail.
Me: Say man...
Miles: Man.
Me: Now say Mail Man.
Miles: Maymail!!
Close enough. 

Don't worry, he's just puddle jumping in the street.

While looking at Nemo on his swim diapers:
Miles: What's this?
Me: Nemo from Finding Nemo. Remember that movie with the fish?
Miles: Elmo Nemo!

Miles always calls his drink coffee no matter what liquid is in it.
Me: Are you thirsty? Here's your water cup.
Miles: Oh! My coffee!!
Me: Here's you milk to go with dinner.
Miles: Oh! My coffee!!
I must drink too much coffee?

Grant is touching something he shouldn't be touching:
Miles: Gant! Ton't touch! Ton't touch Gant!
Thanks big brother for keeping an eye on Grant, then proceeding to join him in the forbidden activity.

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