Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer Routine

Ha, summer routine. As if it's any different than our fall, winter, or spring routine. Okay, I guess it's a tad different because we don't hermit-up in the house because it's raining cats and dogs. Now that we're getting some real sun and heat we've settled into a sort of lax routine that basically consists of being outside as much as possible sprinkled with a Curious George episode for recess and naps. Since the boys are older it is much easier to get out and go instead of thinking about the million things I need to pack and plan for with a toddler and nursing baby like I had to last summer. I mean, Grant couldn't even sit up until the end of summer!

It's beginning to be fun being a mom. Not that it wasn't fun before but there was much more work and exhaustion involved. Trying to figure out what Miles was whining about has been resolved by real words and waking up to nurse Grant and trying to keep the boys constantly entertained was hard! There are still things that are difficult now and as the boys grow and we add to our family the difficulties won't go away completely, they will only change.

I'm enjoying the stage we're in right now. I'll still be in the "trenches" of motherhood for a while but I'll go ahead and soak up this new toddler independence, non-pregnant, non-nursing, potty-training time while I still can. Things are easier. I feel like I can really enjoy the boys rather than anticipating and planning for the next thing they need and trying to just get through the day. This "break" is nice and very much needed. I feel a foreshadowing effect coming on as I type those last sentences...

All this to say we went to the farm today! It was awesome.

Awesome in the fact that the boys could run around and poke the animals (no stroller! Gasp!) and would actually listen when I told them not to go too far (Que flashback to last summer where I was wearing Grant and chasing Miles yelling for him to stop and come back. So not fun).

Miles loved feeding the goats but the novelty wore off quickly when he couldn't figure out how to throw more than two oats at them.

This peacock was huge and loud. It kept shrieking and Miles got really scared.

I'm pretty sure we'll be coming back here to enjoy another picnic lunch with their apple cider and maybe a fresh doughnut for desert!

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