Wednesday, December 11, 2013

From the Mouth of Miles

Miles, and Grant for that matter, have been doing and saying some pretty funny things lately. Today, the boys rode in the obnoxious race car cart that's impossible to steer. They can sit side-by-side. Miles had a bag of cereal and was sharing with Grant by feeding him. As I strolled through the store I'd notice people smiling at how cute they were, a brother feeding his little brother. I'd keep going and look around to see if anyone else noticed my cute kids thinking 'is anyone seeing how cute this is? I have cute kids!'

I had my back turned as I decided on canned clams (for chowder) and turned back around to find Miles had chewed a hole in the baggie and spilled cereal all over the floor. I took the baggie away while saying 'are you kidding me!?' A lady who saw and heard everything passed by with a horrified look. I was too embarrassed so I quickly took off. 

Awesome. Now, everyone that had seen my "cute" kids feeding cereal to each other will know that they spilled it everywhere and the mom didn't clean it up. That'll teach me to think my kids are cute in public.

A few little jewels have made it past Miles lips lately...

Me: do you like what St. Nicholas brought you?
Miles: yeah, and Jesus teach me about how trains work underground.
Me: ...... ??

Grant doing something naughty:
Miles: Gant, no, you get spankin' and big timeout!!

Miles: (pointing at a toy) I want that! *machine-gunned at me x1000*
Me: We'll put it on your list.
Miles: (said in a high, happy voice) And that means I don't get it!
Me: well, it means we know what you like but doesn't mean you get everything on your list.

Miles: Gant's poop smells like a mushroom farm!
(If you've ever smelled a mushroom farm you'd agree)

I told Miles that a friend was going to have a baby...
Miles: ... and she have baby tomorrow, and we go to church and they baptizing baby.
Little cousin Eli's baptism must have made a big impression on him!

Miles is great at reminding us of things...
Patrick is leaving for work:
Miles: don't forget your lunch!
We're getting in the car:
Miles: don't forget your phone and your purse!

And from Grant...
Grant pointing at Joseph in all nativity sets: DADA!! DADA!!

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