Friday, November 22, 2013

one... two... THREE

Miles turns 3 today! He's a total 3 year old. He's definitely out of the toddler stage and well into being a little boy. I tried to show him videos of himself as a 1 day old baby and he kept referring to himself as "he" and "the baby." So, besides him not understanding the concept of time yet, he's super into how old he is and a birthday with cake, ice cream, and presents. You can read his full birth story here is that tickles your fancy.

-3 days old-

Oh, Miles. There's so much to say about him and his three years of life. I can say it's gone so fast, he's such a bright boy, he's got a fantastic sense of humor, and I love him with my whole being, and it'd all be true but  he's so much more than that.

-1st birthday-

There is so much more to all of that. All you parents know what I'm talking about. The day-to-day life has so many bits and pieces that when you add them up and look at the bigger picture you can see how things work out, the growth, the real struggles, and the real accomplishments. I learned so much in the past three years than I could have ever imagined I would just three years and one day ago. And it's all because of him.

-2 years old-

Thank you God for entrusting us with our sweet, energetic Miles. Thank you Miles for helping us grow as parents every. single. day.


We love you so much Miles. Happy birthday!

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