Monday, November 18, 2013

Crafty Town

I took a little trip via Martha Stuart Highway to Craft Town this weekend. My Pinterest inspiration peaked and I couldn't contain the hot glue gun and paint. I guess it started when we took a quick trip to Lowe's to pick up a surge protector for the treadmill (Patrick was doing more worth while things this weekend like fixing treadmills and cheering for the Packers).

I ALWAYS walk by the paint clearance section when I got to Lowes. They have gallon cans of paint for $5. It's usually ugly colors, matte colors, or stain. This time was different. I found a really beautiful brown, the kind of brown that if you add white to it it'll go to a lighter warm grey color-- I only know this because I did it. So, I slathered on some color as an accent wall in the powder room and stood back... oh no, does this look like someone smeared poop on the bathroom wall? And then it dried. And I breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe it was the paint fumes in a small space (why didn't I have the fan on?) but after a while I liked it. Like, a lot. What else can I paint....

And guess what? I really did add some white to the brown and painted the wall behind the bench and am completely in love with the color. The downside is that once the paint is gone that's it. It's technically a custom color made by yours truly so good luck to future-me when I need to do touch up work.

No joke, that's the same brown with a ton of white added in.
I made that pillowcase for the pillow and that wreath too.

I tore up some old books to create some Pinterest wreaths that I'm sure everyone has in their house by now if they have a craft board on that website. But hey, it adds cheap, and stinking cute, decor to our rather bare walls. Adding a little color is a truly amazing transformation. The hallway and bathroom feel much cozier. And a couple more things on the wall make the house feel that more homey.

The boys weren't too excited about the crafting and let me know by coloring on the couch and pooping in 5 pairs of underwear, but dang it, our house looks awesome! Just kidding, kind of. We did give the boys attention. Patrick wrestled with them a lot and I played with them and the Duplo blocks and made a farm and a pretty sweet garage for their cars. We threw some food their way a few times too. Come on, I couldn't ignore them all day for crafts. They need attention too and for all of us to feel good we need interaction with one another.

The culprit

We were all blessed with patience this weekend especially after those accidents. I've noticed for every minute of "selfish time" I take I must give them the same amount of time to Miles and Grant through playing. Sometimes it's not equal and they tend to be more patient with me than I am of them. Sometimes half the day is doing chores and running errands and as a 3 year old (this Friday!) it can't be very fun to be strapped in a cart at Winco or watch me fold clothes. But these are moments and tasks to be learned from. Everything comes in due time. Fun is greater after some hard work and chores are accomplished. Sometimes fun is spontaneous and sometimes it must come after a period of waiting. It's just like Advent and Christmas. We must wait and prepare during Advent as we await for Jesus and all the fun and excitement on Christmas.

I'm excited to start learning more and teach the boys about Advent. It's so easy for children to grasp Christmas but Advent seems to end up as a moment at church where a candle is lit on the wreath. That's how I remembered it as a child, and even now at times. It is so much more than that and as I read The Year and Our Children I'll test out some crafts and decorate the house with the boys. A house feels so much cozier with little ones' artwork and crafts displayed everywhere. Everyone gets to add their touch and what a transformation it is!

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