Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Baking Machine

Miles always wants to help me bake. If it's not obvious that I'm making dinner he asks if I'm making brownies. I must make brownies more than I think. This morning I humored him and let him help. Thanks to some recipe inspiration from Auntie Cheri we made Banana Oatmeal Muffins. They're really good!! It's just like making banana bread but you throw in some oatmeal too. I only had the quick oats and it still worked out great.

No mess, too! The boys played "together" while the muffins baked. Look at Grant's serious face!

And when they were done cooling? Bums were in chairs at the table faster than it takes a room to be tornado'd with toys.

And a little icing for the muffins: From the Mouth of Miles

Miles has been super into potty talk all of the sudden. He thinks adding the word "poop" after any other word is hilarious. For example, while in a tickle/wrestle match he called me ice poop, pickle poop, and said "lick my poop." He also thinks it's really funny to just call me a pickle. 

I have no idea where he gets this. Although I tell him to cool it down a bit on the potty talk, I actually kind of like it because I get to see more of his personality. I'm discovering his type of humor is like mine. I showed him funny cat videos yesterday and he was dying laughing. And that makes me very excited to get to share in the goofy type of humor that makes watching cats do dumb things really funny.

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