Thursday, October 31, 2013

Around the House

I've been feeling inspired to post to our blog more often. I have all these ideas of different posts but when I sit down to write I just can't seem to articulate what I want or just plain get interrupted by those little ones who can hear typing in their sleep which must mean mom has had enough relax time and they need to get up and set her straight. Lucky Charms and Curious George have come to the rescue thus far so I think I'll continue typing until sugar town runs out.

My main reason for not posting as much as I'd like to is because I think I'm a horrible writer. Then I told myself I'm not writing a New York Best Sellers novel, I'm writing a blog post. I can write how I want. So enjoy my really awesome grammar and spelling mistakes, get used to my made up words and run on sentances because they're here to stay! Oh, and I hope you like picture of my kids. (Probably only family reading this right now, so I'm sure you won't mind the picture overload). This doesn't mean I'll be posting consistently every week by any means I just want to post more than once or twice a month. Hopefully.

Moving on...

I have about 50 picture folders on the computer titled "Around the House." Patrick insists I label every folder but sometimes there are random pictures of the boys that don't really have a category and the date is apparently not a fitting label. So, I figured, what not a better title for a new string of blog posts for little random things I just want to put out there.

Today, it's fitting to talk about Halloween because, well, it is Halloween. The boys are excited to trick-or-treat blahblahblah. What kid isn't when you tell them all they have to do is ring a doorbell to get candy from strangers? I hope they don't remember this tomorrow and think ringing a doorbell will get them candy again.

I was excited to do some crafts with the boys today. I really just wanted to gauge how well they could do simple tasks because I'd like to do a little something every morning with them. They actually sat long enough to finish them!

Miles has been potty training and doing very well. I finally buckled down and got my hands dirty with this. I didn't want him turing 3 and still be wearing diapers. I look at it like this: he's my first so if I put in the work now I'll be a bit more prepared for that one (or more) child that struggles with potty training and potty trains late. It's tough! There are lots of accidents. There is a lot of washing to do. But it was time and what not a better gift for his third birthday, and my sanity, to have him potty trained for real. Way to go Miles! You're well on your way.

*Miles glued to the ipad, as usual. It's really been a lifesaver for trying to get him to stay on the toilet long enough for number 2.

Halloween turned out to be another success. Grant got the hang of going up to the doors without help and held his hand out for candy. They didn't last quite as long as I thought they would but they got enough treats to last for some potty prizes.

I hope to be back here again soon and I hope to get faster a posting. It's only taken me all day to finish this. I blame it on waiting to have pictures of the little Packer and horse.


  1. I love reading your blog! keep it up :).

  2. Thanks Athena! I need to hear that. I keep thinking that there's nothing interesting to blog about and then I realize that the boys are constantly doing blog-worthy things- lol!