Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pumpkin Patch Year 2

We're just winding down from a morning at Schilter Farm. It's a big beautiful farm who's owners go to St. Michaels! It's where we went last year for pumpkin patch fun so Miles remembered the pony ride and had to do that first before anything else.

And a cute little video here.

We went to the 9:30 mass beforehand and I was so proud that we were out the door on time without forgetting anything. (We're potty training Miles yet again and I wanted to be sure to have a few changes of clothes and his potty chair with us). But low and behold the two cameras we brought with us had dead batteries. UGH!! So annoying! At least my trusty little ipod was with us so we could take some grainy/blurry photos of the fun. Be sure to grab your bifocals or magnifying glass to take a gander.


Top of the world! Or pile of Hay...


Little models :)


Hay jump and petting barn.


They also did the hay maze, played at the giant sand table, ate roasted corn on the cob and lunch, and picked out pumpkins. That wasn't even the deluxe package. Seriously, this farm is amazing and the barn is so pretty. A family could spend all day here. We almost did if it wasn't for nap time!
 You can check out our first year and see how Miles was wearing the same vest!

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