Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Easter!

Another great weekend was spent with our families for Easter. We spent one night each at our parents' house followed by loads of great food and an Easter egg hunt each day. The boys were in heaven at both grandma and grandpa's house.

Extra attention, sweets, and waking up the next morning at their house went a long way in their book. Needless to say they were tuckered out and actually asking for naps. That never happens.

My Uncle Mike and his wife Stephani had their sweet baby Michael Jr. baptized Easter morning. It was a beautiful mass and little Michael didn't make a peep!

The boys with baby Michael and little Brooke (Tylor and Bethany's cute little girl- it was fun having a girl in the house, dress and all!)

On the way home Miles kept asking to go back. They always have so much fun at their grandparents house. It makes me feel so good to see them loved on by mine and Patrick's parents. These boys might already realize it but they have some pretty great grandparents!! What a fun and blessed Easter to be with one another. We missed those who weren't there and look forward to spending some summertime fun with them!

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