Saturday, April 12, 2014

From the Mouth of Miles and Grant

The boys surprise me me all the time with the things they say and do. I think it's true that kids say the darndest things!

Me: Miles, get your finger out of your nose.
Miles: I have to get all the bugs out! Who made boogers?

Miles to Grant: Grant don't touch the TV. Say, yes Miles.
Grant: Yes, Miles!

Saying prayers at night: Is there anything you want to pray for Miles?
Miles: Pirates and star stickers.
Me: Ok, and what about your new little brother or sister?
Miles: that it has a hat and sword.
Me: gosh I hope not...

Lately, Miles' common response or comment to almost anything I say is "does it make you dizzy?"
I'm not sure he understands what dizzy means...
Me: let's go upstairs.
Miles: Does it make you dizzy?
Me: umm, no.
Me: why did you get a little poop in you underwear?
Miles: does it make you dizzy?
Me: Dizzy with frustration maybe!

Grant has been saying some interesting and cute phrases lately too.

Grant rips a poster on the wall in Patrick's office...
Patrick: Grant! NO!!
Grant: I love you too!!! (with huge smile)

Sitting down to eat dinner...
Grant: So, how's your day?
Me and Patrick: Our day is good! How's your day?
Grant: I ate my day!

Saying prayers at night...
Me: is there anything you want to pray for?
Grant: hotdogs and soup.

Getting ready for bed...
Me: Do you want to sing the Hail Mary?
Grant: No! Our God!
(Our God is what he calls the Hail Mary)

And to top it off here is Miles singing the Hail Mary.

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